VRON - Riverside Best Practices

VRON-RC believes that conscious consideration of our neighbors can have an everlasting impact on our community and enhance the perception of Vacation Rentals in our communities. Below is a list of best practices VRON-RC strongly suggests each member follow:


1. Notify neighbors within ___ sqft of vacation rental, via certified mail at USPS. In the letter, include the address of the home, permit number, contact information in case of an issue. We offer a discount to our neighbors if they have friends or family that would like to stay on the property as well. 

2. Eyes and Ears. If you reside on the property, you are the eyes and ears. If you don't live on the property, we highly recommend wifi noise monitors and wifi cameras. 

      a. Wifi Cameras - Located only outside of the homes, and ensure no cameras are facing towards any windows of the home. One camera in the front of the home, visible to see the guests entering the property and the number of vehicles the guests have. 

               I. Ring - https://ring.com/


      b. Wifi Decibel Monitors - Minimum of one monitor in the home, and one outside of the home. Set the decibel monitor to alert you BEFORE the noise exceeds the County of Riverside Noise Ordinance levels. ( link)

               I. Noise Aware - 

               II. Minut - 

3. Quiet Hours - The county policy is 10 pm-7 am. It is imperative this is adhered to by all guests. 

4. Signed (digital or hard copy) document with rules of the home, filed for your records. 

       a. Link to generic contract - if we can legally offer this.


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